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Universal Photography Concepts Game

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Students are challenged to solve each lesson riddle.

I've been teaching photography for 11 years now, and many times I have been asked for lessons in languages other than English, and it go me thinking, What would the world's greatest photography course look like? Here are my thoughts:

I've learned over the years, that the best kind of teaching facilitates students discover the truth on their own, not so much me telling them what to think. When students discover the truth, they own it. I wanted the lessons to be a journey in discovery.

Such a course would demonstrate the unchangeable nature of physics and how cameras operate. These are evergreen and do not change.

Next I wanted the lessons to be as short as possible. Just enough to teach the concept and nothing more. Shorter lessons penetrate better. Short lessons are easier and faster to review. Repetitions = greater learning.

Finally, I wanted to avoid relying on the use of language. This was the crazy part, but it would allow for the ideas to be taught without needing a translation. I wasn't sure if it was possible at first, but I thought i would give it a try.

I am very proud to announce that after 5 months of shooting and re-shooting, we finally have Universal Photography Concepts! Im sure some of you will have suggestions to improve it, and I even have a few more lessons I want to add.

Is this the worlds greatest photography course? That is up for you to decide, but this is my best attempt to make such a course and I hope you enjoy it!

Course Outline:

1. 1 Pixel Camera - How Cameras Capture & Record Exposure
2. 9 Pixel Camera & Histograms
3. The Physics of Exposure, Shutter Speed and Aperture
4. Fast vs Slow Speeds
5. Long Exposure
6. What is Focal Length
7. Relationship to Field of View
8. Lens Perspectives
9. Apertures
10. DOF - Wide vs Small Aperture
11. DOF - Distance
12. DOF - Focal Length
13. DOF - Sensor Size
14. PSAM Which To Use And When
15. Exposure Compensation
16. Pre-visualization - The Power of the Mind in Photography
17. Composition Lessons
18. Drive Modes
19. White Balance
20. Focusing Modes: The How, When, Where
21. Recomposing
22. Flash Distance - The Inverse Square Law of Light
23. Quality of Light - Hard vs Soft Shadows
24. Flash Power
25. Balancing Ambient with Flash Light - The 3 Rules
26. Painting With Light
27. Landscape Photography Recommendations & Tips
28. Sports Photography Recommendations
29. Portrait Photography Recommendations and Tips

We will be adding more as we get feedback!

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