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Everything Else Crash Course

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Michael The Maven is proud to present The Everything Else (you should know about your camera) Crash Course.
This course is jam packed with lessons to help you take your photography to the next level. The topics covered in this corse deal with the Photography Core, Composition, Lighting,Portraits, Digital Basics, Video Shooting,Audio Recording & Clean Up, Intro To Strobes, Planning & Trouble Shooting, & Real World Shooting. Michael will be constantly adding to this course and you will have access to any new lessons

Run time is approximately 4 Hours and 30 minutes.

Included Lessons-

  • Exposure Lesson
  • Shutter Speed Lessons
  • Aperture Lessons
  • Depth of Field Lessons
  • ISO
  • Complete Composition Lessons- 11 in all
  • Digital Greenhouse
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Histograms
  • Lens Crash Courses
  • What to do if not enough light
  • Lighting Crash Course.
  • Portrait Crash course
  • Additional Menu Items
  • Shooting Guide Summary
  • Bracketing Interiors
  • Sports
  • Sunset Shooting
  • Macro Photography
  • Portrait Crash Course
  • Intervalometer Shooting
  • Strobes
  • PC Sync Cables
  • Flash Settings
  • Intro To Strobes
  • 3 Rules of Lighting
  • Film History
  • Video Lights
  • Two Microphones, One Jack
  • Pulling Focus
  • Manual Foucs In Empty Spots
  • Gimbals
  • Gimbal Examples
  • Fluid Heads
  • Hollywood Scene Exmple
  • Removing Background Noise
  • Sliders
  • Video Workflow
  • Cleaning The Sensor
  • Outro

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