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Nikon D7100 Crash Course - Download Only

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This is, without a doubt the best training value around. The DVD is beautifully produced and the top...
Susan Schuster 06/24/2014

I am not a newbie to DSLR, and purchased the D7100, after graduating from my D3100. The D7100 was a ...
Paulina Govaert 05/05/2014

Top marks for the video. As for me being a total newbie in the DSLR world i was lost within the firs...
Anthony Singh 04/03/2014

Wonderful training video for this camera, it packs a bunch of very useful information that you can l...
Darien Wells 02/09/2014

Great and fun course.. Michael explained everything in a very simple way, lots of great photography ...
Nadine Khalidy 12/23/2013

Great course, loved the lesson. Would of liked a bit more in depth to the D7100 but still great less...
Chris Arthey 08/15/2013


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