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Michael takes nearly 10 years of Photography and Business experience and crams it into just over 7 hours of video instruction. In addition to being an award winning instructor, Michael is also one of the few professional Photographers with an MBA (Master of Business Administration). The information on this DVD set has been taught at nearly 30 workshops across the US and has helped countless photographers correct their most common mistakes to become profitable and competitive in their respective markets.

Michael says:"One of the biggest mistakes beginners make when starting a photography business is the emphasis on gear and images. They learn the hard way, a $5000 kit and $500 website does not equal new customers, new business or any kind of profit. Every market is different, but if you apply the principles outlined, you will be able to make solid strategic decisions in an extremely competitive field. This is the DVD set I wish I would have had when I was getting started."

One test reviewer, J.A. mentioned: "The investment for this set pays for itself within the first 10 minutes of watching. Michael's talent in introducing which problems photographers face as a parable is so dang clever because it immediately clicks and sticks. He is a phenomenal instructor. In the next 7 hours of the DVD set, there is a staggering amount of information covered, complete with a workbook, which helped me to think critically and write down how I think and should think in the future. I am in shock that I was naive enough to try to start a Photography Business without some type of business training."

Another reviewer, A.P said: "This was an eye opener in that there is so much more involved than taking pictures. I highly recommend this to all Business Photographers before buying that full frame camera, L lens, fancy lighting, website or anything else."

Customer Review:B.N, wrote: "I just finished watching the entire PBCC DVD. It is nicely put together and has a nice flow to it. Its easy to see the passion Michael has and information he shares is timeless, what I mean is that the examples he shares holds value in the past , present and future. If your new to photography and are interested in making a business out of it this is essential. How essential you ask me? Well you should be after this DVD as if it was a pool of water and your hair was on fire. Thanks Michael and I look forward to more workshops.."

Michael's Photography Business Crash Course lays out 8 simple modules you will need to succeed (photography is not the first). If you are serious about getting into and being competitive in the Photography Business, this is the DVD FOR YOU!

This unique DVD set comes with Michael's Secret Exercise Workbook PDF. While this training is geared mainly towards those with very little or no business experience, it is applicable to Photography Business owners of all backgrounds.

Run time is approximately 7 Hours and 15 minutes and is broken into 2 DVDs.

Topics Covered (In No Particular Order)

  • Basic Business Terms
  • Business Strategy
  • The Importance of People Skills
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Workflow
  • Analytical Skills
  • Marketing
  • Michael's Secret Marketing Strategy Analogies
  • Branding
  • Legal Setups
  • Supply and Demand
  • Marketing & Branding Mistakes
  • Creative Drive
  • The Blame Game
  • Pricing
  • Arrows in Quiver
  • Online Delivery & Ordering
  • Recommended Vendors and Suppliers
  • Why Making More Money is not always good
  • Differentiation
  • Michael's 4 Pronged Attack
  • Contracts
  • FLOW Based Marketing (Michael's Secret Marketing Technique)
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis Crash Course
  • SWOT and how to use correctly
  • Business Investment and Grow Strategy
  • Fresh Markets
  • "Word of Mouth" Fallacies
  • When you should and should not meet with Clients
  • Marketing Filters
  • How and When to Use Business Cards
  • The Difference between Upsell & Squeeze
  • Offering Package Discounts and Incentives
  • Negotiating Tactics
  • Personal Time Value
  • Honeymoon Phase
  • 1st Paid Job
  • Niche Photography
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Analyzing Job Opportunities
  • When to Farm out Work
  • Measuring Ad Success
  • Ad Projections
  • The Gause Principle & How it Applies to Photographers
  • Michael's Workflow Secrets
  • Giving Digital Negatives to Clients (who should and who should not)
  • Work for Hire
  • Creative Drive
  • Customer Service
  • Naming your Business
  • Second Shooters
  • Websites, URLs, Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Best SEO Company and Their Special SEO Offer to Michael's Students
  • Blogging
  • Using Facebook to Market
  • Rule of Clicks
  • Photoshop Hypnosis and How to Conquer it
  • Good Customer / Bad Customer
  • Placing Print Ads
  • Why the Customer is "Almost" always right (and when they are not)
  • Porter's 5 Forces
  • And much, MUCH more!

  • DVD set also includes:

  • "Our Man Nate" Animation - Michael's Own Business Parable
  • Secrets of an Expert Fisherman Videos
  • Michael's Custom Business Crash Course Workbook PDF
  • Michael's Recommended Website and Reading List PDF
  • Sample Wedding Contact PDF

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